Sensory Overload is an interactive play space dedicated to providing our customers with imagination, exercise and fun.

Our rooms are designed to engage the hearts and minds of our youngest people. Art and Technology includes an easel, leggo building and touch and learn table.
Babies develop right before your eyes. Our Baby Shark room has interactive experiences that address the developmental abilities of the individual baby. Leaning at our own pace is essential in building self confidence.
In our Fun with Food room children can operate a grocery store, run a kitchen, or work as a barista. Following products from the store to the kitchen shows children how the things we buy become the things we use.
Our Career Corner allows children to think outside the box and imagine a world where a you can choose to be anything you would love to be.


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The cargo net, ninja obstacle course, and gymnastics bars in our Muscle Mania will work nearly every muscle in our young ninja’s body making them healthy and happy.
In our interactive Imagine Arena, children can compete in a plethera of ways. From Bubble Ball to Laser Bug, to Don’t Fall In, competition is nothing but FUN!